Summer Has Arrived! Celebrate Seasonal Blossoms with Floral Patterns for Your Whole Home Remodel.

Florals_PinkWhen our professional design team researched trends for 2013, one of the more delightful discoveries they unearthed was a return to floral patterns in home design. Once considered quaint or limited to very feminine environments, floral patterns have recently blossomed in a new way. If you are interested in experimenting with floral patterns for your whole home remodel, consider the following ideas:

  • Extra Large Patterns: The modern floral pattern is expressed in unusually large patterns. The oversized scale transforms what could be viewed as overly delicate or fussy into a bold graphic element.
  • Bold Colors: Instead of the pastel colors associated with many traditional floral patterns, the new look in flowers is bold and bright.
  • Mixing Patterns: The new florals are often paired with strong graphic patterns such as stripes or circles for an interesting visual contrast.

Florals_OrangeWorking with a professional design team helps you visualize ways that trends you are drawn to can be artfully integrated with other design elements in your home. With summer’s arrival, a fresh burst of energy can heat up the imagination and make experimenting with your whole home remodel a joy!