Make a Strong Design Statement with a Single Element

WorldGlass_TextureAn impression of thoughtful design can be brought to a room with the addition of just one carefully chosen element. This technique works most powerfully when you choose unexpected proportions, colors, or materials.

For a recent kitchen remodeling project, we chose a visually stunning glass countertop. Glass is not a typical choice for the average kitchen, with most clients choosing granite or marble. Adding the unexpected reflections and textures of glass to a kitchen instantly imbues it with a sense of individuality.

The countertop was handcrafted by World Glass Design in Phoenix, Arizona, an architectural cast glass company that specializes in unique and functionally designed kiln-fired glass. Their process is accomplished by applying a combination of glass, organic medias and extreme heat to produce the highest quality glass in an unprecedented spectrum of colors and shapes.

This is just one example of how our team of designers are continually sourcing the latest and most interesting sources to make each client’s project unique!