Mixed Metals: A Shining Design Trend for 2019

In their annual prediction of design and remodeling trends, our design team singled out Mixed Metallics as on the rise in the New Year. The sheen of copper, gold, chrome, iron, or brass adds glimmering style to your new home or whole home remodel and even more so when metals are creatively combined. Mixing the warmer tones of copper, gold or brass with the cooler tones of chrome, silver, and steel brings sophisticated dazzle to your interior. Here are some ideas for experimenting with mixed metallics in your home.

Mixed Metals, Mixed Finishes
A subtle way to experiment with metals is choosing one color, such as copper or gold, and then displaying it in different finishes. A glossy new gold in one part of a space balanced with an antique gold in another spot is an interesting, adaptable look. Mixed textures give a space a very personal and artistic feeling as well.

Natural Texture, Glossy Texture
There’s something particularly intriguing about balancing the textures of natural and organic materials with the glossy sheen of metallics. With careful planning, this technique brings exciting visual appeal to a space.

Focal Points, Strategic Lighting
A bold metallic element in a space can be even more dramatic with thoughtfully designed lighting to accentuate gleaming surfaces. Kitchens are one of the rooms in your home most amendable to this trend with a striking hood as a starting point.

Working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you’ll enjoy the process of exploring design details for your new home or whole home remodel. Bring the glamour and personal expression of mixed metallics into your home design and see your interiors shine!