New Dimensions in Design: The 3-D Trend in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Our award-winning design team predicted 3-D elements as a 2020 trend in their annual forecast of remodeling and design trends earlier this year. We love how this subtle interplay of shape and texture brings visual interest to any room in your home. Check out these examples of 3-D design and see if you’re inspired to experiment with this fun trend!

Hypnotic Pattern
In the master bedroom of a playful modern home, a bold expanse of wallpaper makes a strong design statement. The 3-D wallpaper balances a large pattern, subdued color, and an angled wall to create an artistic element in a serene retreat.

Bold Color
The electric blue tile backsplash in this guest bathroom vibrates with color and style. The striking geometric pattern, created from 1” porcelain hexagon tiles, is a striking focal point in a modern bathroom with clean, simple lines.

Ceiling in Shape
The island in this chic kitchen is emphasized as centerpiece in the room by a ceiling that balances perfect form with structured rhythm. The geometric molding detail on the ceiling frames the island and brings human scale to the space.

Trends are an exciting part of the creative process as you explore options for your whole home remodel or new home with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals. From floor to ceiling, 3-D patterns in your home can inspire new layers of creative expression!