Orange Isn’t Just for Halloween! How to Use Orange in Your Whole Home Remodel

Orange1With Halloween arriving next week, we see more orange than usual around us in the retail environment and in nature. If you’re attracted to orange but unsure about how to use it in your home, a professional designer can inspire you to experiment with your creativity.

Here are some tips for using orange in your whole home remodel or kitchen remodeling project:

  • Orange is an energetic color that gives a sensation of heat. It inspires the appetite and represents joy, enthusiasm and creativity. Orange is best used in rooms where you want to communicate these concepts.
  • If you’re curious about orange but not quite sure if it’s right for your home, start with a small splash of color for one wall or a few vibrant accessories.
  • Orange2Use orange with neutrals to add warmth and interest to your color palette. Orange adds energy to grays and earth tones.
  • Orange can act as a bold visual anchor in a room. In this vibrant eclectic kitchen we designed, pops of orange add depth and help to define the space

When you are planning a whole home remodel, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals helps you explore the many possibilities for your space. Working with a professional designer, your creativity can be inspired by colors you may never have considered, including exuberant hues of vivid orange.