The Niche Finds its Niche

DH_NicheA wall niche is a home design element that fuses innovative function and understated beauty. Our design team has employed the niche idea in whole home remodels, kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels. Here are some of the ways a wall niche can be used to add interest in your home:

Bathroom Niche: In the shower, a niche is an imaginative and convenient way to hide bath and beauty products while keeping them close at hand. The niche adds a note of luxury and neatly stores a variety of products, contributing to a clutter-free look in the bathroom. We’ve also used bathroom niches as places to display decorative art or casual atmospheric pieces, such as seashells and candles.

Kitchen Niche: An award-winning kitchen we designed recently uses niches both above and below a built-in coffeemaker. In the upper niche, a glass bottle catches the reflection of the niche’s metallic tiles; in the lower niche, coffee cups are conveniently stored for immediate access.

Whole Home Niche: Niches can be used throughout the home to lend form, function or both at the same time. A series of niches along a stairway is an artful and functional way to provide layers of lighting. In the entryway, a niche is an impressive display area for a work of art, instantly communicating the personality and tone of a home to visitors.

A wall niche is a functional design detail that is adaptable to any style home. How will you use a wall niche for your next remodel? Our design team can help you decide!