The Possibilities of Color: 2012 Color Trends for Your Whole Home Remodel

2012_colorAre you excited about experimenting with color for your whole home remodel but not sure where to begin? Our professional design team can guide you through the many possibilities for expressing your personal vision.

Our interior designers continually research and evaluate trends for color in kitchen remodeling, custom bathroom remodels and whole home remodels. One source we discovered, ColourFutures™, has some interesting observations about color transitions for 2012.

According to ColourFutures, the color mood for 2012 is “full of take charge optimism.” Their 5 Key trends for 2012 include:

Delicate Mix: Refined understated luxury is reflected in cool, elegant neutrals, luxurious warm camels, blushing coral and nude pinks, paired with nuances of forged iron, steel, polished concrete and anodised aluminium, wood, copper and oiled leathers.

One Small Seed: Watery greens, rain clouds and pale, fresh pastels and neutrals set the mood, with dark soil and bright blossom colors as counterweights. Together they form an indoor garden of delight.

Living Scrapbook: Reflects the aesthetics of blogs and social media, and the quirkiness that is the product of highly personal tastes and predilections. There are hints of craft paper and cardboard and a lot of happy, yet mature pastels.

Different Worlds: Swings from the dreamy and surreal to the solid and super real. Lush, velvety bright blues, greens and reds are played off against ethereal and translucent pastels.

Rediscovered Heroes: Inspired by the down-to-earth qualities of our industrial heritage – denim blue, industrial neutrals, rusty metal tones, sewing machine green, the signal-bright hues of wire, metal doors and pipe work and last but not least, engine and concrete grays.

You can read more and see the color palettes in inspiring layouts here: