Traditional, Modern, or Transitional Design: Which is Right for You?

JDR_AestheticsWhen planning your remodel, one of the first choices you will make is which design aesthetic is right for you and your lifestyle. A professional designer will guide you through this process, helping you discover how you want to live in your new space and which elements will support your vision and enhance your home. Here’s a quick review of three popular design styles. Which appeals most to you?

Traditional: Homes with traditional design typically favor formal environments with classical structure and ornate embellishments. The color palette is subtle and muted, complemented by the use of dark woods. Elements such as substantial furniture, copper ceilings, elegant lighting fixtures and elaborate floor, wall and window treatments bring depth of character and visual richness. With traditional design, the challenge is to practice restraint so that the many aspects of a room are beautifully revealed, rather than competing against each other.

Modern: A modern aesthetic emphasizes clean, simple lines and a careful selection of design elements. The focus is on open, uncomplicated spaces and decoration is kept to a minimum. In a modern home, balance is critical if you want to achieve a contemporary design that retains warmth and comfort.

Transitional: Transitional design embraces appealing elements of traditional and modern design to achieve an eclectic style. By simplifying traditional and softening contemporary, transitional design arrives at a very personal expression. Mix an ornate mirror or chandelier with a Barcelona chair, or weave warm colors and drapery into an otherwise contemporary room, and you see the results of transitional design. Transitional design requires an experienced hand to avoid a disorganized appearance.

When choosing a design aesthetic for your home, you’ll probably be happier if you find what feels right to you rather than following recent trends. Do some research, work with a professional designer and have fun discovering the ways you can express your personal style at home!