Travel to Your New Kitchen! Kitchen Remodeling Inspired by a Favorite Destination

KitchenDestinationA kitchen remodel we recently completed with a design reminiscent of Old World Tuscany brings joyful travel memories home for a couple with a shared love of Italy. When designing a room to express your personal style and interests, consider finding inspiration from one of your favorite vacation spots. We’ve designed rooms energized by the aesthetics of Mexico, Tuscany, Morocco and other countries all over the world. Here are some of the ways we bring international influences to kitchen remodeling:

Balance Inspiration with Functionality: While an Old World Tuscan kitchen is romantic and beautiful, most modern families desire 21st century convenience. One of the most important skills a professional design team brings to the task of designing a kitchen remodel informed by a specific era or country is balancing functionality with vision. A successful kitchen remodel of any kind starts with a carefully developed layout that takes modern appliances and storage options into account.

Materials and Colors: The details and the overall theme of a room must work together in harmony to create a stunningly original kitchen. The smallest authentic touches often make the difference between ordinary and unforgettable. Vibrant hand-painted tiles from Mexico in an adobe home’s kitchen and an intricate backsplash for a French Country inspired kitchen are just two examples of the unique artisan touches that have made an impression in recent kitchen remodels we’ve completed.

Visual Centerpiece: Sometimes a room needs one strong statement to convey the vision of the design. For the Tuscan kitchen we recently designed, Old World authenticity is immediately established with the bold addition of a flagstone wall hand-formed by master craftsman.

Where would you like to travel in your kitchen? With your imagination and the help of a professional design team, any destination in within your reach!