Trend Watch 2022: Bold Materials in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

When our professional designers forecast the hot trends for 2022, one of the highlights we noticed for whole home remodels and new homes is a reemergence of bold, unusual materials. From exteriors and curb appeal to the details of kitchen hardware, the textures and materials in today’s homes are more creative than ever, giving you a myriad of possibilities to express your individuality.

Farmhouse Chic
The dining space in the open plan living design of this Boho Chic Farmhouse is distinguished with a reclaimed beam and striking lighting that nods to the coastal location with rope elements.

Brilliant Brass
This modern, warm, and welcoming home designed for a young family with school-age children glows with rich textures and interesting lighting. The kitchen gets its bold look from the contrast of neutral walnut cabinetry, a dark stain on the wood framing the cabinetry, and glimmering brass hardware.

Exterior Geometry
Bold geometrical architecture and an innovative use of materials transformed chaos into clarity for the exterior of this stunning three-level home near the beach. The central stair tower is a defining focal point. The interplay of vertical and horizontal, gray and silver, smooth and ribbed, creates an appealing modern composition.

Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals guides you through the creative process for your whole home remodel or new home with an experienced eye to help you select the details that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.