Trend Watch 2024: Dopamine Decor is All About Joy

If you thought you could only increase your dopamine level by practicing intense exercise, regular meditation, or a healthy diet, think again! Dopamine decor is a fun trend in interior design that encourages self expression and creativity to boost your mood and make home feel like a happy haven. This is a trend that never goes out of style where the rules are “no rules”! It’s about decorating your home in a way that uplifts your individual spirit, whether that be bright pink walls, contrasting patterns in deep hues, or nooks of cozy neutrals.

Getting started with dopamine decor requires some self-reflection that feels totally in tune with the beginning of a new year. What makes you happy? Do you like your spaces spare and open or cozy and art-filled? Are you intrigued by intricate tropical patterns or simpler geometric shapes? Do you have a favorite travel destination that inspires you? Once your imagination is starting to form a vision, you can begin with one idea, and perhaps just one room in your home, and then build on this trend from there. Read on for some tips about bringing energizing dopamine details into your own home decor.

What’s Your Favorite Color?
This childhood question is the very essence of dopamine decor, which asks us to throw away “grownup” notions of what’s appropriate in a given space and instead focus on what makes us happy. Want to wake up in a bedroom with hot pink walls or paint your kitchen cabinets green? Want to cover an entire room with intricate tile in contrasting patterns? Is there an animal print wallpaper that intrigues you? This is the trend to inspire you! Don’t worry about how one room balances with another when you’re first getting started – dopamine decor depends on experimentation and adaptation.

Make an Art & Memories Gallery
Whether in a minimalist or maximalist vein, art, objects, and photography are an essential part of dopamine decor. If you have a collection of prints, ceramics, or mementos, plan your room design around a display of these treasured items that puts them front and center for daily enjoyment. Choosing a focal point brings harmony to any space and is particularly important in rooms that encompass a myriad of elements.

Create Your Own Happy Place
A colorful corner of your living space dedicated to plants, a window seat in your bedroom for reading, or shelving in your kitchen to display your collection of teapots or quirky dinnerware, all can be expressions of dopamine decor. Imagine coming home to a place that draws you in because of the happiness and comfort it makes you feel – that’s what you want to create with dopamine decor.

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