Trick or Treat? Decorating Your Home with Orange

Decorate_OrangeWith Halloween just around the corner, the color orange makes its annual appearance throughout the neighborhood. But, should orange be relegated to October in your home? When you are looking for a way to express individuality in your interior space, orange is a choice that makes a bold statement. While the color is often used for safety precaution signage, there is nothing “safe” about using orange in your home – that’s what makes it so fabulous! Orange usually inspires strong reactions one way or another – we love it or we hate it.

Orange is a highly creative color, known for stimulating energy, appetite and socialization.  A secondary color derived from the primary colors red and yellow, orange is represented by many hues, such as pumpkin, gold, flame, copper, brass, apricot, peach, citrus, coral and tangerine. Each conveys its own mood and brings its particular spirit to a room.

Native Americans associate the color orange with kinship, while in China and Japan, orange is used to symbolize happiness and love. In Feng Shui, orange signifies Yang, Earth, strengthened concentration, purpose, and organization, and is thought to be good for the “health” area of your home.

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“Orange is the happiest color.” ~ Frank Sinatra