Warm & Welcoming: Autumn Outdoor Living Space for Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Autumn in San Diego still promises many days that invite spending time with family and friends relaxing and entertaining in your backyard. As the nights get just a touch cooler, elements of your outdoor living space design can add welcome comfort, from a fire pit or fireplace to cozy seating and brilliant lighting. Here are some ideas to inspire indoor/outdoor living for your whole home remodel or new home.

Rethink “Inside” and “Outside”
Working with an expert team, you’ll be inspired by how professional architects and designers can reimagine your home to unify your indoor and outdoor spaces along with the surrounding natural environment. A design that integrates your indoor and outdoor kitchen, dining, and living area expands the possibilities for your home and enhances entertaining in any season.

Scale and Space Planning
How to plan the layout and size of your outdoor living space starts with determining what elements you want to include: seating areas, an outdoor kitchen, a pool or fountain, a garden area, an entertainment center, specialty lighting, or a louvered roof … there are many possibilities to make your space unique to your vision! Consider how you will most use the space, from casual family time to more formal entertaining, and your typical group size, to make the most successful space planning.

Any Season, Any Weather
Fire pits, fireplaces, or custom heaters create comfort on cooler days and evenings, while integrated lighting makes your outdoor living space feel like an extension of your interior and can add a note of festivity to entertaining. For hotter seasons, automated screens, fans, and misters allow maximum enjoyment of your backyard retreat.

When your whole home remodel or new home is designed to embrace indoor/outdoor living, your home feels more comfortable, refreshing, and expansive.  A unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help guide you toward an outdoor living space that helps you embrace beautiful natural surroundings in any season.