“More is More” in a Year of Bold, Moody Glamour: 2017 Top Interior Design Trends for Your Whole Home Remodel


“More is more” replaces “less is more” in 2017, expressed with dramatic color and glitz. From bold flooring to jewel-toned walls and oversized lighting, spaces make a strong statement. Jackson Design and Remodeling’s highly acclaimed design team, which has been featured in major national print and online publications including Dwell, HGTV, Architectural Digest, French Style, and Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, selects favorite trends to spotlight in design and remodeling each December for the coming new year. Planning a whole home remodel is a thoughtful process that begins less with what’s trendy and more with what best communicates individual style. Learning about the latest ideas in design is an exciting way to spark reflection and inspiration for that process. Here are our design team’s picks for the top trends this year:

  • Rich, Dark Jewel Tones: Creating a mood of mysterious glamour, dark and jewel tones such as black, charcoal, purples, blues, wines, and especially forest green, are making interiors feel elegant and inviting this year.
  • Layered Neutrals: As a counterpoint to the bold color trend, neutrals communicate appealing depth and intensity when skillfully layered with tone and texture.
  • Terra Cotta: Terra cotta, a material that has been used for thousands of years, is getting fresh attention in interiors, appreciated for its earthy connection to nature and history.
  • Artistic Wallpaper: Intriguing backdrops are a highlight this year, achieved with meticulously detailed artistic wallpapers.
  • Oversized Statement Lighting: From modern geometrics to dangling chandeliers, oversized lighting works as sculptural art in a room, an architectural element with function and character.
  • Matte Finishes: In paint, metal, and tile, the subtlety of a more natural matte texture is a sophisticated finishing touch.
  • Dark Kitchens: While white kitchens remain timeless, dark gray, black, and navy blue are coming into the spotlight as a stylish alternative.
  • Brass, Bronze, and Gold: Replacing the popularity of copper and rose gold last year, we’re now seeing a return to the more classic glamour of gold, bronze and brass.
  • Integrated Indoor/Outdoor LivingSpace planning with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living continues to grow in importance as modern families yearn for more open, connected homes.
  • Handmade, Organic, and Natural: Maintaining a relationship with the natural world by integrating woods, hides, fur, and woven textures in design makes interiors feel more comfortable and welcoming.
  • Vintage Modern: Translating exceptional vintage pieces with modern materials, colors, and patterns is a fresh approach with staying power.
  • Interesting FaucetsOrganic shapes with a playful simplicity are a trend in today’s bathrooms, particularly with faucets.
  • Desert Chic: A seemingly effortless look that combines a love of nature with a clean aesthetic, Desert Chic incorporates Southwestern elements, leather, wood, white walls, and abundant greenery.
  • Smart(er) Homes and Appliances: Technology for smart homes continues to develop, making modern life more efficient and customizable, with the most popular adaptions those that allow homeowners to control their homes remotely.
  • Flooring Focal Point: Cool floors of every kind are underfoot in 2017, from engaging juxtapositions of tile to natural woods with deeply weathered textures.
  • Complex Patterns: Global, Tribal, and Aztec patterns strengthen the eclectic appeal of spaces with vibrant color.

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