A New Perspective: Window Design Frames the Views for Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Window design improves your home’s connection to beautiful natural surroundings and emphasizes a sense of indoor/outdoor living. Creating unity between your indoor and outdoor spaces is an essential element of whole home remodels and new homes. Working closely with an architect is an important consideration when remodeling your home to take advantage of views. Architects are highly skilled in making changes to the exterior structure of your home, significantly changing your interior floor plan, moving interior walls, and adding new windows or doors. Here are some examples of home design with a whole new perspective.

Modern Viewpoint: A large picture window in the living area of this modern home near the beach captures coastal views and brings abundant light into the space. In a home that emphasizes neutral hues, the beautiful surrounding landscape becomes a colorful element of the design.

Backyard Beauty: In this crisp and bright home, a wall of glass doors and windows in the space encompassing the kitchen and family room dramatically brightens the home and establishes a colorful connection to the outdoors. The kitchen was intentionally designed without upper cabinetry while a “disappearing” range hood keeps the focus on the indoor/outdoor feeling.

Bayside Vista: This whole home remodel for a globetrotting retired couple was carefully planned to capture lovely views of the bay in Point Loma from every angle. On the first level, the entryway and kitchen were relocated and square footage was added along with large windows to expand to an open layout encompassing the kitchen, dining room, and living space with a new deck.

In San Diego we are lucky to be surrounded by many beautiful aspects of nature that we can enjoy year round. A design that thoughtfully connects to its surroundings connects your new home or whole home remodel to the refreshing aspects of indoor/outdoor living. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, views can be an unexpected design element and striking statement in your home.