Hello Spring: Front Door Design Comes Knocking

The front door is the way your home says “hello.” And with spring in full bloom on the West Coast, we start thinking about opening our homes to fresh air and sunshine as we welcome visitors and family. Front doors are a creative element to focus your attention on as the overall curb appeal of your home begins to take shape during a whole home remodel. As both a relatively small and yet definitely impactful element of your home design, a front door presents an exciting opportunity to experiment with color, texture, and scale. Today we’re sharing examples of front doors to open the gateway to your imagination!

Coastal Serenity
The front door to this home near the marina, overlooking the Coronado Cays, opens to an interior inspired by coastal colors and elements. The home was designed to embrace the stunning view and natural light of its ideal location. The enchanting door glass was selected in a pattern that evokes peaceful waves.

Contemporary Luxury
Natural flight flows into the stunning new entry design of this luxurious contemporary retreat thanks to a carefully planned composition of the glass door and multiple windows. The approach to the home is clean, orderly, and modern, creating a sense of anticipation walking toward the front door.

Seaside Dazzle
For this seaside home, remodeled to maximize living space and to take advantage of its ideal location, the front door opens to an unobstructed view of the nearby ocean. A splash of teal is a cheerful hint at the coastal colors of the new interior design, which skillfully blends beach, contemporary, and rustic elements.

Every aspect of your home can express your personal style when you work closely with designers and architects who understand how to bring your vision to life. When you’re in the process of a whole home remodel or new home build, an experienced team can guide you through the decisions you’ll make to create a home that feels like a comfortable and inviting oasis in every season.