Trick or Treat! Entryway and Front Door Design for Your Whole Home Remodel

pecsarentryIf you’re in a neighborhood with busy foot traffic on Halloween, today’s a day when you think about how your home greets visitors. The front door and entry give a first impression of your home. Here are some ideas for greeting “trick or treaters” with style in your whole home remodel:

reddoorDesign and Color
The design of your entryway should align with the look and feel of your home. A contemporary home would feel awkward with a traditional door and vice versa. Working with a professional team of designers, you can explore ways to integrate the entryway of your home with your exterior and interior aesthetics. The front door is also a creative place to make a statement with color. Vivid hues can be adapted to any style, from traditional to modern.

Materials with Detail
Attention to detail at your entryway immediately sets an artistic, sophisticated mood. Choose a wood or glass with intriguing texture and make interesting craftsmanship the first thing your visitors see.

wellsdoorLighting and Safety
Careful planning of pathways and steps keeps visitors safe while adding visual appeal to your home. A path bordered by lighting or a pair of symmetrically balanced lights at the front door is a welcoming look that also provides safety and security.

Whether you’re greeting kids in costume, faraway friends, or your next door neighbors, make a first impression with memorable presence! Working with our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you’ll discover an entryway and front door design for your whole home remodel that works best for your lifestyle.