Walk This Way: Bring Curb Appeal to Your Whole Home Remodel

Curb_AppealDesigning your home for maximum curb appeal is an essential element of a successful whole home remodel. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, along with the help of an experienced landscape designer, you can arrive at a design that will significantly increase your home’s visual appeal and value.

Here are some ideas to bring curb appeal to your whole home remodel:

Plan your entrance: Your front door should balance visually by working well with the overall design of your home while making a statement of its own. An inviting front door can be achieved with unusual scale or color, atypical wood grain, or thoughtfully placed windows. Attention to detail in the selection of hardware will also make a memorable presentation.

Fence it in: The exterior pictured here features a 2-tone semi solid fence which enhances the wood color and leaves the grain visible for interesting texture. This fence perfectly inhabits its coastal environment, with a somewhat open sensibility that still offers privacy and security. The custom designed front gate is finished with a strip of copper that will weather with time while protecting the wood gates for many years.

Surface matters: The siding of the home pictured is a pre-finished solid color hard plank, selected in a color palate that effortlessly integrates with its coastal environment. When selecting exterior surfaces and colors, a professional designer finds the ideal balance between stand out style and a design that makes sense in its surroundings.

Sustainable greenery: For San Diego homes, like the Coronado home pictured here, drought tolerant landscaping with native plants is a natural and practical choice. Working with a registered landscape architect, you can enjoy landscaping that is functional, beautiful and at the level of maintenance you desire.

Well designed curb appeal brings added value and lasting enjoyment to your home. When planning your whole home remodel, working with an experienced design build remodeling team ensures your home will be beautiful inside and out!