Welcome Visitors in Style: Front Door Design for Your New Home or Whole Home Remodel

Halloween is around the corner and kids in costume will soon be trick or treating at your front door! It’s a perfect time of year to think about how you welcome visitors with a first impression of your home. Here are some ideas for opening the door to imaginative style for your whole home remodel or new home.

Design That Makes Sense
The design of your entryway should align with the look and feel of your home. A contemporary home would feel awkward with a traditional door and vice versa. Our professional team of designers helps you explore ways to integrate the entryway of your home with your exterior and interior aesthetics.

Materials with Detail
A front door with thoughtful attention to detail establishes the design integrity of your home. For this home near the beach, curb appeal was a significant architectural and design consideration in a neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic. Stone columns, beams, and exaggerated trim on the front door convey meticulous craftsmanship.

Color, Lighting and Safety
The front door is a fun place to make a statement with color, like the bright red door for this Rejuvenated Mid-Century Modern home. Careful planning of lighting on pathways and steps keeps visitors safe while adding visual appeal to your home. The bold pavers on this driveway and carefully planned exterior lighting create a striking pathway of welcome to the front door.

Make a first impression with memorable presence on Halloween and every day of the year. Working with our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you’ll enter a world full of inspiration and discovery for your whole home remodel or new home.