2012 Trendy Tidbits for Your Whole Home Remodel

Trends_WallpaperWhile perusing the design world for projected 2012 trends, our professional design team found a “little bit of this and a little bit of that”, reinforcing our shared belief that whole home remodeling and design is really about your individual style. That said, it’s still fun to look! Here are a few interesting tidbits we found:

  • The Color Purple: Purple is showing up on fabrics, furniture and walls.
  • Tango with Tangerine: Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year and oranges of various hues are making a splash not just as an accent color, but for whole rooms.
  • International Flavor: Designers are using subtle hints of international or “world market” visuals to lend warmth and a touch of the exotic to spaces.
  • Rustic/Reclaimed: Rough woods and other materials you might find on a farm are being used in interesting contrast with modern elements for walls, floors and accent pieces.
  • Playful Wallpaper: Wallpaper continues to make a comeback, particularly with nostalgic, bold, often floral patterns.
  • Black and White: The classic combination of black and white was on the fashion runways last year and is now making its appearance in home design.
  • Designing with Circles: Round tables and round mirrors are just two examples of how this shape is showing up in current home design.

As always, your home will be most beautiful if it is designed to align with your individual needs and point of view. Our designers inspire you to experiment with what you find most appealing in current trends, while staying true to what really works for you!