2024 Trend Watch: Nurture Well-Being with Biophilic Home Design 

Homes that are deeply connected to natural surroundings instill a sense of calm, comfort and well-being. And while the concept of “biophilic design” might seem a little esoteric, it can actually be a very practical approach to how you think about important aspects of your home’s interior and exterior design and architecture. Simply stated, biophilic design stimulates all the senses with homes that connect us more deeply to nature. The design philosophy is based on the science that shows how positively humans respond to natural environments with lower stress and lightened anxiety, higher concentration, and even lower risk of depression. Our hunter gatherer origins may be long in the past, but our DNA still pulls us toward a connection to the natural world thousands of years later. In their roundup of predictions for 2024, our expert designers identified biophilic design as an emerging trend.

Here are some ideas for integrating biophilic design into your home remodel:

Maximize Outdoor Views
Here in San Diego many of us are lucky enough to have ocean views, one of the most beneficial natural views to relieving stress and fostering a sense of optimism. Any view of the natural world around your home can be incorporated from trees and gardens to mountains and valleys. When planning your home remodel with biophilic design in mind, the design and architecture of living spaces where you will spend the most time should be oriented to the view to bring as much of the outside in as possible.

Natural Light, Fresh Air, and Water Elements
An abundance of natural light is one of the most important factors in nurturing our health and well-being. Natural light helps to regulate our internal time clocks (for better rest and sleep) and gives us healthy doses of Vitamin D and B. Sunlight also works as a natural antiseptic to reduce germs within the home. Bringing the natural ventilation of windows, doors, and skylights into a home reduces pollutants and inspires that sense of being outdoors that stimulates our senses in a positive way. Along the same lines, any opportunity to add a water element into your interior, or in an outdoor living space, will promote the calm we humans receive from being near a water source.

Color Palette & Decor
The colors of earth, plants, sky, and sea comprise a palette best suited to biophilic design. Varying shades of browns, greens, blues, and any earth-toned neutral create a soothing environment. When it comes to decor, much like Mother Nature, you’ll want to avoid right angles and straight lines in favor of gentle, organic shapes. Natural materials such as woods, stones, rattan, and organic fabrics work well in a biophilic design interior. 

Imagine a soothing home that inspires all the senses, nurtures mental and emotional health, and naturally embraces the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Our expert team can guide you there with a design build process that is highly attuned to your specific needs and desires.