A Carlsbad Whole Home Remodel Says “Aloha” to Unique Personal Style

SurfboardWhen our clients came to us for a Carlsbad remodel they were looking for a design that would express their individual personalities in a cohesive way. They both enjoyed living on the stunning Carlsbad coastline and they wanted their home to combine an appreciation for their environment with a comfortable and simple elegance. The couple also share a love of Hawaii where the husband was raised and where the couple met on the beach. They wanted to see their affection for the islands expressed in the design of their home.

It was important to the clients to keep their surroundings relaxed and natural, while adding visual interest and modern convenience. In their “his and hers” bathrooms, our professional design team played with Hawaiian-influenced aesthetics expressed with subtle elements such as curved wave shapes and natural materials, reflecting the husband’s love of the ocean and surfing. At the same time, luxurious aspects of the design give the home the feeling of a five-star hotel appreciated by the wife.

Our unique design build process guided our clients to a successful solution for combining their mutual and individual expressions of creativity and personality in their home. Whether it’s a desire for Hawaiian natural or a passion for combining rustic and modern elements, our design team guides and inspired clients to express their personal vision with relevant and enduring style.