A Home for Your Best Friend(s): Making Your Whole Home Remodel Pet-Friendly

When your family includes members of the feline or canine variety, a united team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you plan for a whole home remodel that is comfortable, welcoming and safe for your pets. If you are a homeowner with furry friends, here are some options to consider when planning your whole home remodel:

Pet Bath: For a whole home remodel we recently completed, the clients asked for a custom designed sink area in the laundry room (pictured above) to easily bathe their three small dogs who enter through a doggie door we built-in to the wall. We chose an extra deep sink along with materials that are durable, easy to maintain and harmonious with the progressive vintage aesthetic of the home’s design.

Trash Storage: In a multiple award-winning kitchen we designed, the clients’ active dog, Peanut, necessitated well-planned trash storage. An imaginative treatment by Rev-A-Shelf keeps trash and recycling organized and hidden and keeps Peanut out of trouble!

Landscaping: In addition to choosing plants and grass that will stand up to heavy use by your pets, work with a landscaping expert to be sure that all the plants in your yard are free of toxins that might harm your pets. If you have a fence around your yard, you will want to ensure that the fence is high enough to keep pets safe and dogs undistracted by passers-by.

When planning your whole home remodel, a professional design team offers a depth of knowledge and variety of creative ideas for how to make your pets as much at home in your new environment as you are!