Aging in Place with Smart Design and Lasting Style in Your Whole Home Remodel or Custom Home

Universal design and design for aging-in-place take the future into consideration when planning the elements of every room in your home. These design principles can beautifully coexist with your style, from traditional to ultra-modern.

Multigenerational living, when more than one generation lives under one roof, has hit record levels in the United States. Americans are also living much longer, retiring later, and staying active later in life. All of these factors have led to a surging interest in universal design and aging-in-place. If you’re planning to live in your home for a lifetime, thoughtful design for the future makes sense.

This custom home near the ocean was built for a retired couple with a strategically considered design plan and thoughtful elements that will make it easier to age in place while surrounded by beautiful contemporary, minimalist design. A subtle ramp on the side of the main entry will accommodate any future accessibility needs, while curbless showers and slip-in tubs in the bathrooms encompass both ease of use and stylish design. The expansive master suite is a place the couple can relax in for hours, independent of the rest of the home. It’s perfect as a retreat for today and as a plan for the future when travelling between levels might be inconvenient. A kitchenette contains fixings for coffee and refrigeration for snacks.

Clients sometimes think that adding elements of universal design to their living space will take away from the overall beauty of the environment. Our unified team of designers, architects and construction professionals has years of experience with integrating aging-in-place and universal design elements throughout your whole home remodel or custom home with functionality, style and subtlety.