Aglow with Style: Illuminating Your Lighting Choices for a Whole Home Remodel

Creative and unusual lighting choices express a distinct personality for your whole home remodel like nothing else. The most interesting lighting fuses function with art to add dazzling performance to your environment. Our professional design team continually researches new resources and discovers ways to delight clients with innovative and appealing design elements. Here we reveal two American artisans in the lighting industry:

Lea de Wit, Lucky Stripe Studios
Glass artist Lea de Wit’s hand-blown art glass pendants are crafted right here in San Diego. Our designers have worked together with Lea and our clients to create one-of-a-kind pendants for whole home remodels, kitchen remodeling projects and more. Lea melts glass color in various forms, from sea salt-sized chunks to powder, into a searing mass. She layers color upon color to create depth and intensity while playing with varying degrees of transparency and opacity before blowing and sculpting the glass into beautiful custom shapes.

Cerno creates modern LED lighting fixtures in Laguna Beach. In response to the current age of disposability, the company conscientiously chooses to build products that last, selecting an environmentally responsible material pallet and using energy efficient LED technology. Design, quality and precision are evident in the exquisite details of their impressive, hand-assembled work.

Lighting choices are one of the details that make your whole home remodel sparkle with memorable style. Partnering with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you access a level of experience and skill that makes choosing the details effortless and enjoyable.