Balanced Textures: Pairing Rustic and Industrial Elements in Your Whole Home Remodel

rusticmodernkitchenWe love experimenting with new trends and interpreting them for our clients. One trend we’ve seen grow in popularity recently is the use of rustic and industrial elements balanced together for appealing visuals in kitchen designs and whole home remodels.

Rustic elements, which bring a warm authenticity to your space, include reclaimed woods, knotty woods, natural stone or brick, and earthy, organic materials and colors. Industrial elements are often metal, especially unfinished or salvaged. Exposed pipes, and design features that include tin, steel, aluminum or iron, distinguish industrial design.

murphy_closeupPairing both rustic and industrial elements is sometimes referred to as “urban rustic.” The style can work anywhere, not just in an urban loft, but it does take some experience and skill to pull it off successfully. A professional designer can help you arrive at the balance that works best for your personal taste. A rustic industrial juxtaposition requires discipline when accessorizing, as overstuffed furniture, fussy window treatments, or the wrong flooring underfoot can distract from the overall effect.

schnack_upcloseJust like playing with bold color, sometimes it’s best to experiment with a design concept such as rustic industrial in one room of your home first, before using the aesthetic throughout your home. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals helps you achieve the personal expression you desire in your space and makes every trend feel personal and unique to you. Read more about 2015 trends on our Pinterest board and follow us!