Bask in the Glow: Fireplace Style in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

For winter holidays or just a chillier than expected weekend, the appeal of a warm and glowing fireplace grows stronger, even here in sunny San Diego. If you’re planning to include a fireplace design in your new home or whole home remodel, here are some examples for inspiration.

Incandescent Style
In modern home in neutral tones, the fireplace is part of an artful composition on a bold wall. The textured detail of the fireplace surround adds beautiful artistic detail to its surroundings and creates a visually stunning focal point.

Textured Warmth
Three materials were selected to create this fireplace composition in a colorful Mid-Century inspired home. The textured oversized tiles evoke the look of wallpaper, with a barely visible grout to create a bold, uniform surface. The duct is in porcelain with the appearance of stone. The orange hearth on the bottom of the fireplace creates a strong base without overpowering the room.

Hot Hearth
The phenomenal fireplace in this California Contemporary home is a visual centerpiece, compelling conversation starter and practical energy source all at once. Its hypnotizing scale, textures and materials make it a hearth like no other.

Add glowing comfort to your whole home remodel or new home design with the help of a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals. Together you can explore the materials, scale, and style that make sense for a fireplace design you will want to gather around in any weather.