Blended to Taste: Expressing Your Own Personal Style in Your Whole Home Remodel is a Popular Trend

When our professional design team was recently interviewed for a soon-to-be-published article on current home design, they discussed the blending of design categories as an emerging trend in whole home remodels. More than ever before, clients want to express their personal perspectives and break the stodgy rules that once limited design. Here are some of the fresh new styles our designers have helped clients create in their home environments:

Beaux Arts: Elements rooted in vintage and contemporary styles pay creative homage to the old and the new. Curvilinear edges, vibrant colors and an artistic flair are signature aspects of the Beaux Arts style.

Art Deco: This classic design style features linear symmetry representing elegance, glamour and modernity. A graphic combination of black and white is often featured in timeless Art Deco design.

Cape Cod Coastal: Even for those who don’t live in a beachside home, aqua blues, crisp linen whites and nostalgic fixtures bring an appreciation of natural beauty and classic charm to a space inspired by timeless East Coast design.

Rustic Modern: Natural woods contrasted with glass and chrome evoke the comfort of a mountain retreat and the excitement of modern urbanity for the dynamic visual fusion of Rustic Modern design.

Organic Architectural: Punctuating clean architectural lines and interesting neutrals with organic shapes and natural materials makes an intriguing presentation representative of the Organic Architectural style.

Exploring various options and creating your own individual style for a whole home remodel is one of the most exciting aspects of a design build remodeling project. The experience is  enjoyable and stress-free when you work with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals.