Ceilings that Elevate Style in Your Whole Home Remodel

irishceiligCeilings significantly influence how a space looks and feels. A skillful designer pays careful attention to the ceilings in your whole home remodel, helping you explore imaginative ideas. The following examples show creative options for the ceiling in your whole home remodel:

Glamorous Materials
In this bar inspired by an Irish pub, a stunning tin ceiling gleams with the appearance of copper. The intricate pattern and rich texture convey an appealing sense of Old World character.

perrykitchenArchitectural Details
This colorful space was designed to transition from the lower ceiling in the kitchen to the open living area with a series of carefully considered architectural elements in the ceiling. The kitchen is dramatically more open and integrated with the rest of the home.

Dramatic Definition
In an expansive kitchen and family room, dramatic 3_8489056_81517_EA-81517-103coffered ceilings with a bold geometric shape define each area and bring human scale to the magnificence of the space.

Architectural details and creative thinking lead to a design for your home that expresses your personal style. When you work with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can discover a myriad of ways to make your ceiling a stunning design element that adds to the character and beauty of your home.