Creating a Soothing Sanctuary in Your Whole Home Remodel

bath1   A relaxing and luxurious master bathroom is an essential component in a whole home remodel. Our professional design team works with each client to develop the elements most desired to create a space that will feel right for your lifestyle.

Here are some of the design choices involved in creating a soothing sanctuary in your home:

Sumptuous Showers
Today’s showers are larger and more customized than ever before. The design of your shower starts with a choice of showerheads with a variety of functions from massage to misting. Custom body sprays make each shower a new experience. Digital controls allow each family member to have their own personal settings for the shower.

Relaxing Bathtubs
Think about where in your bathroom you most want to linger during a long, relaxing soak. If you have a view to take advantage of, a long bath is even more luxurious. Choose from free-standing or built-in bathtubs to suit your personal taste and the aesthetics of your home.

bath2Storage, Mirrors and Lighting
To keep your space serene, you will want to plan for maximized storage to minimize clutter. When you use your master bathroom to get ready for the day or an evening out, a distinct area with well-planned lighting and mirrors will help with a smooth and organized transition.

Soothing Materials and Colors
The color palette you select will be most satisfying if you base your choice on how you will most often use your master bath and which colors most appeal to you. Some respond to an energetic palette while others prefer more soothing tones. Carefully selected materials with interesting textures and surfaces make your master bath feel like a unique retreat from the ordinary demands of the day.

bath3There’s nothing like a personal spa at home to make every day life a little more pleasurable and energizing! When planning your whole home remodel, working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals makes the process enjoyable and stress-free.