Creative Design Options for a Whole Home Remodel

DesignOptionsIf your home doesn’t reflect who you are or fit your lifestyle today, an experienced design team can help you with creative, unexpected options. A whole home remodel doesn’t always have to include structural changes or additions.

There’s no reason to live in a home that isn’t working for you because you think that a remodel may require major structural changes or additions that are beyond your budget. With careful planning and innovative thinking, your home can be transformed while retaining the original structure and floor plan.

The first step toward success for this type of project is determining what works and doesn’t work about your current space and what you desire in a new environment. Next, we conduct a thorough review of your home and observe where we can make improvements while keeping the scope of the project in line with your expectations. Experience and imagination are essential as we develop a design to transform certain areas of your home while assuring each area looks as if it has always belonged. The symmetry of design style, color palette and material choices come into play as we make your dreams for your home into reality.

Our designers want you to love your home and we have mastered many different approaches to find individual solutions for each client – there is more than one way to create your vision!