Feel Like Going to the Spa without Leaving Home? Remodel Your Bath.

SpaBathThe days when the bathroom was just a functional space, almost an afterthought in home design, are long gone. Today’s baths compete with the finest luxury spas for atmosphere and amenities. San Diego bathroom designs are becoming increasingly more sophisticated as homeowners discover the many attractive benefits of visiting the local spa right down the hall.

So, what makes a bathroom a spa? Here are some aspects of bathroom design to consider:

1. Size and scale: In general, today’s baths are substantially larger per sq. foot than their predecessors. They’re designed to accommodate a more generous scale for bathtubs and showers and to provide ample room for expansive double sink vanities and organized storage. A feeling of uncluttered open space is essential to creating a spa-like atmosphere.

2. Multi-tasking Tubs and Showers: The tubs and showers being created today perform well beyond basic functionality. Bold, freestanding tubs are often the focal point of a bathroom, welcoming the homeowner with the promise of a lengthy retreat. Tubs outfitted with air bubbles or jets, or those inspired by Japanese soaking tubs, are a current trend in creating spa-like ambiance in the bathroom. Showers are smart sanctuaries, offering either relaxation or invigoration depending on mood. Luxurious body spray jets, multiple shower heads (some designed to mimic the effects of falling rain or waterfalls) and comfortable seating combine to create an individual, easily controlled experience for each shower.

3. Customized Ambiance: Technology plays a significant role in creating a spa-like atmosphere in the modern bath. At the touch of a button, lighting and music can be set to the desired mood to create a personal experience each time the bath is used. In the shower, electronic controls for volume, flow, temperature, body sprays and even a favorite song can be preset to make each shower efficient and satisfying. Chromatherapy, which emphasizes color and light for well being, adds an alternative dimension to customization. The lucky homeowner can bathe in a spectrum of color from soothing to energizing, all touch-controlled, while listening to music and relaxing in the lighting mode of choice.

4. The Right Lights: When it comes to lighting, the modern bath emphasizes diversity. Lighting is designed to support every need in the room, from bright lights for makeup application to dim lighting for a soothing bath. Controls can be programmed for instant adjustment.

5. Innovative Storage: Nothing ruins a spa-like mood more than clutter. Current storage options are highly organized to keep necessities hidden from view yet easily accessible. Built-in cabinets behind mirrors or slide out storage under the vanity make the bathroom functional yet streamlined.

The possibilities for creativity in bath design have expanded quite a bit in recent years. A spa-like retreat in the home is a welcome respite from the hectic pace and constant connectedness of modern life.