Four Reasons Why Now is the Right Time for a Whole Home Remodel

WholeHomeIf you’ve been waiting for just the right time to finally get started on the whole home remodel you’ve been dreaming about, your moment has arrived! For the prudent homeowner, the market is showing positive signs that make larger remodeling projects a smart value decision right now. If you decided 2-3 years ago to put off your remodel, or if you were thinking about moving instead of remodeling, you may want to take a look at current conditions and reevaluate. Here’s what we’re seeing as important factors when people make the decision to start their whole home remodel now:

1. Higher Value
Remodeling costs related to labor and materials are down 15%-20% from what they were a few years ago. You will get more for your money if you act now instead of waiting a little longer. One sign of lower costs is unprecedented value offers from manufacturers. For instance, JDR’s primary cabinet manufacturer – DeWils – is offering all wood species at the same price as oak, including mahogany, which is usually 40% more.

2. Flexible Schedules
Working with an A+ rated design build firm three years ago, it was customary to have to wait up to six months to get your project started. With today’s larger available labor force, scheduling is more open and flexible for most remodelers. You should be able to get your whole home remodel done more quickly and at just the right time of year that works for you.

3. Homeowner Attitudes
A renewed focus on value and quality has homeowners making different choices when it comes to a whole home remodel. They are reevaluating the relative value of working with an architect and a series of contractors vs. working with a “one-stop” design build firm. Many are also seeing the advantage in adding square footage to their homes now while costs are lower, instead of just upgrading a kitchen or living area.

4. Quality Survives
The downturn in the economy has weeded out most of the poor performing contractors. The good, strong ones have for the most part survived. Your chances of finding an excellent quality contractor to work with are higher now than they were a few years ago. Still, you should always do your homework. Make sure you thoroughly research a design build firm before you sign a contract. Look for companies that offer educational seminars where you can meet the team in person. Clear and compelling information on their website, along with a portfolio of work you find appealing, is also essential. Always get (and check!) references from past clients who had similar work done by the firm.

Do a little research and you will find that there is incredible value to be had right now when considering a whole home remodel!