A Game Room in Your Whole Home Remodel Could be a Winning Idea for Dad

gameroom1Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 19th.  If the Dad in your life enjoys entertaining family and friends, consider a game room in your whole home remodel dedicated to favorite pastimes. A game room can become a center of activity for mingling, friendly competition, and fun memories. Here are some elements to explore for a game room in your whole home remodel:

Ample space:
The room layout needs to accommodate at least 3-5 feet of space around the main game table. Areas for people to sit, relax and observe the game, along with dedicated bar space, are other elements of an engaging space.

gameroom2Integrated design:
The game room design should be distinctive while making sense visually with the design of the surrounding home. A professional designer can guide you toward an appealing balance.

Lighting and soundproofing:
Technical considerations are essential as you plan your game room. Layers of lighting, with excellent illumination over the game table and softer lighting in seating areas, is ideal. Soundproofing the walls allows for enthusiastic enjoyment in the game room while not disturbing anyone in other parts of your home.

Play to win! A unified team of architects, designer, and construction professionals can help you with essential decisions about space planning, room layout, and materials for a memorable game room.