Gather Round: Fireplace Design in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Gathering around a warm and glowing fireplace is always appealing, even here in sunny San Diego where the coastal breezes can bring cooler air. If you’re planning to include a fireplace design in your new home or whole home remodel, here are some examples for inspiration.

Tech Glow Up
This cozy family room unified with a welcoming kitchen was designed in a whole home remodel for an active young family. The husband, a talented engineer, wanted a sound bar inside the mantle of their modern fireplace. For this ingenious custom design, the mantle hinges up and down with integrated magnets, elegantly concealing the controls within.

Warm & Cozy Retreat
In a luxurious contemporary retreat with an expansive backyard and outdoor living area, a stunning view in the master bedroom is accentuated by large windows while a dramatic corner fireplace invites comfy relaxation day and night.

An Artistic Angle
In this modern coastal home, the original fireplace was replaced to push the glass of the windows further to the edge and expand panoramic views. The orientation of the space was realigned to place an emphasis on appreciating the home’s coastal location. The striking corner design underlines the modern attitude of the home.

In any season, a thoughtful fireplace design brings a sense of style and comfort to your whole home remodel or new home design with the help of a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals. Gathered around the hearth of your home, every occasion feels more warm and inviting.