Glimmering Holiday Entertaining: Statement Lighting in Your Whole Home Remodel

There’s a sparkle and shimmer to holiday entertaining that gives this time of year a special sense of celebration and joy. Polished lighting design for your whole home remodel adds extra shine to your holidays and illuminates the rest of the year with panache and purpose. Here are some bright ideas for lighting design in your whole home remodel:

Brilliant Definition:
In open living spaces, lighting is a brilliant source of definition for dining, kitchen, and living spaces. The styles should be distinct enough to convey their own personality while working together as a unified design statement.

Luminous Character:
Working with a professional designer, you can explore ways to express your personal style in any design environment. In this dining room in a Modern Farmhouse, the graceful lighting fixture is an appealing balance of rustic and elegant.

Light the Way:
Lighting in many parts of the home needs to be functional as well as beautiful. In this eclectic kitchen, the bold scale of the pendants makes a memorable statement while also giving full illumination to a central workspace for preparation and serving.

Skillful lighting design adds character, functionality, and style to your whole home remodel, especially during holiday entertaining. Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals will help you spotlight the best choices for you and your lifestyle, any time of year!