The Holiday Spirit: Wine and Beverage Storage in Your Whole Home Remodel


We typically share our homes more during the holidays than at any time of the year, with wine and other festive beverages on the menu. With the holiday season underway, we’re taking a look at all the ways your whole home remodel can integrate wine and beverage storage.

Grand Scale
When you frequently entertain large groups, a wine closet or refrigerator isn’t sufficient, a room dedicated exclusively to wine is the answer. The wine tasting room in this Sicilian Villa inspired outdoor living area (above) was designed to store 1500 bottles with space to display favorites and to gather around the converted wine barrel table for tasting.

Convenient Style
For this contemporary kitchen evoking Asian design, clients who love to cook and entertain with wine wanted subtle and conveniently placed wine and beverage storage. Two coolers, one in the island and one in the perimeter cabinetry, make it easier to stay organized.

Customized Design
A wine refrigerator in the dining room open to this European Minimalism kitchen (below) adds extra convenience when serving guests. A liquor collection is stored in the tall cabinet above, which was custom designed specifically for this purpose and also creates a visual distinction between the kitchen and dining areas.

Welcoming guests is more pleasurable and seamless when our homes are organized and stylish! Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals on your whole home remodel, you will discover the personal solutions that make sense for you when inviting guests to celebrate.