Home Hues: Designing with Color for Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

From warm neutrals to vibrant hues, color imbues your home with style, emotion and character. When you work with a team of professional designers, you can draw on their expertise and explore color options that work for you, taking some of the uncertainty out of choosing just the right color. Here are some ways to experiment with color in your whole home remodel or new home

Small Spaces
When you’re not sure how much you will like a certain shade or are hesitant about where to start, choosing to play with just one wall or even a smaller room, such as this office in the master suite of a colorful historic home, is a smart way to experiment.

Unexpected Places
If you’re not sure what colors you want to try on your walls or in your decor, our designers will help you discover inspiration in unexpected places. This bright hallway in a modern home was designed to display the clients’ love of collecting colorful pieces from local artists. 

Get Balanced
Balancing out bright colors with solid neutrals is essential to avoid a discordant feeling. Whites, grays and earth tones are all good choices as a neutral balance in your space. The gray marmoleum floor in this whole home remodel with bright hues unifies a design with an array of vivid colors.

If you are inspired to use imaginative color in your whole home remodel or new home, working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals helps guide you through a process of discovery. Enjoy expanding your creativity and exploring the color families and hues that best express your personal style!