Honor Your Labor with a Stylish Home Office in Your Whole Home Remodel

1185610_10151892994973336_2127104037_nWhen you have work to do at home, it helps to have an organized space optimized for creativity and concentration. A functional and appealing home office is an essential element of many of the whole home remodels completed by our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals. Most of us have work to do at home, whether it’s brought back from the office, work we do as part of our own business, or absorbing side projects. Here are some considerations for creating a home office as part of your whole home remodel:

Make Your Work Space Work
Space planning is of the essence. Avoid cramping your “office” into a small corner of the kitchen or living area. If you have significant work to do at home, give yourself significant space to do it in. A professional designer has the space planning expertise to help you find extra space you may not see.

What Are You Doing All Day?
If most of your work time is spent on the computer, the first thing you will want to do is find the right place for your monitor. Think about how you like to work. Do you like to have a view or do you prefer to limit distractions? This will affect your workstation layout. If your work involves the occasional client visit, seating is also a priority. Organized file and supply storage helps with daily efficiency and helps your workspace feel welcoming and uncluttered.

Don’t Make Your Space All Work and No Play
Give your space personality! The layout and décor should be an expression of what makes you feel happy and productive. An office (shown above) in the garage space of a beachside whole home remodel we recently completed uses a wall of custom printed wallpaper depicting an edgy urban vibe as a defining design element.

If you love what you do you are lucky; if you love where you do it, you are even luckier! A home office in your whole home remodel can bring a renewed sense of energy and purpose to your work.