How Do I Prepare For a Home Remodel in San Diego? 

When it’s time to embark on your home remodel, preparation is key. Chances are, you’ve been thinking about getting started on transforming your home for a while. The question of where to begin can sometimes feel overwhelming. And for good reason – a remodel is a major project that requires attention, communication, and resources. With the proper research, organization, and expectations, your remodel can be manageable, and even inspiring! Here are some ways you can set yourself up for success when you start planning your home remodel in earnest.

Capture Remodeling Details and Dreams

Before you reach out to any professionals to ask for estimates or advice about your remodel, it’s important to have a clear idea about the scale and style of the work you would like to have done. Start by taking a walk through your home and making note of what is and is not working for you and your lifestyle. Whether you want more of a connection between indoors and outdoors, or you want to open your kitchen to the rest of your home for more optimal entertaining space, or you need more room for children and family time, take notes and even measurements to create a record of how you would like your home to change. Next, it’s time to dream! Spend some time with your favorite design blogs, social media, or magazines and start saving examples of styles and spaces that inspire you.

Attend Our Home Design Seminar

Our free, no-obligation seminar is held monthly at our Design Campus and has been popular with homeowners considering a major home remodeling project for decades because of its comprehensive and transparent content. During an engaging presentation, you’ll learn everything you need to know to demystify design build remodeling. You’ll be introduced to our meticulous process and systems for communication, along with multiple examples of before/after remodels in every style you can imagine. We also include time to enjoy lunch (during our day time sessions) or wine and hors d’oeuvres (during our evening sessions) and explore our showroom, see and touch multiple materials, and walk through vignettes that display materials, accessories, and appliances. You’ll also have the chance to meet our team, including designers, architects, and our company president. After the seminar, we hope you leave with a better understanding of what’s involved in a major remodel and are inspired by all the possibilities for your own home.

Partner with a San Diego Remodel Contractor

It’s essential that you partner with a remodeling contractor you can trust and rely upon during the process. A timeline for a home remodel spans months and involves multiple people on your job site. You want to work with a reliable company that has years of proven experience and expertise to assure a smooth experience from start to finish. As you research multiple companies, remember to check not just their portfolios and awards, but also accreditations, certifications, and testimonials from actual clients. Pay close attention to the beginning of your relationship with contractors you are asking for information from – an established firm should have friendly, responsive communication and clear, professional documentation.

Preparing in advance for remodel services makes the process easier and extraordinary final results more likely. Our expert team of architects, designers, and construction professionals is happy to guide you step-by-step from your initial vision to a more beautiful, livable home. Come meet us and learn more at our next Design and Remodeling Seminar.