How to Frame Your View in a Whole Home Remodel

FrameViewOur team of architects and designers often talks to clients about the concept of “framing a view” during a whole home remodel. San Diego homeowners are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. When planning a San Diego addition or whole home remodel, a successful project integrates the home’s natural surroundings as an essential element of the design. Here are some considerations for framing your view:

Select Your Focal Point:
The first step in framing a view is to look at your property and decide which aspects you would most like to appreciate from indoors. Perhaps it’s your lovely garden or a special tree in your backyard. It could be an ocean or mountain top view. Maybe you’re capturing the city scape and bay from a high rise condo. Take some time to truly contemplate your surroundings and consider what you would most like to see everyday.

Framing Options:
Now, working with an architecture and design team, you can explore ways to frame the view you’ve selected as your focal point. One option is to remove walls within your home to provide an unobstructed view from one end to the other. Another idea is to design expansive floor to ceiling windows throughout the home. Sometimes, the addition of an outdoor area is the ideal way to frame a view. The options are virtually limitless, which is why working with both an architect and a designer can be helpful in finding just the right strategy for your lifestyle.

San Diego homeowners live in an area where appreciating the natural beauty of the outdoors is as easy as stepping outside. With an intelligently designed whole home remodel, natural beauty can just as easily be appreciated from indoors!