Ideas to Add Modern Elegance to Home Remodel Plans 

Modern elegance in home decor is appealing to many homeowners because of its simplicity, warmth, and sense of luxury. From the architecture and space planning to statement lighting and a connection to the outdoors, every design decision you make will influence the aesthetic of your home. Achieving visual balance in home design is an art that requires the knowledge, experience, and a discerning eye of professional designers. Here are some of the considerations designers undertake when adding modern elegance to home remodel plans.

Keep it Open, Airy, and Unified

Spacious and open space planning is essential to modern elegance. An abundance of space spells luxury from the start. High ceilings, bountiful natural light, and an emphasis on the circulation of light and air set the stage for the modern aesthetic. A visual connection to your outdoor space with exaggerated windows and glass doors makes your home feel immediately more spacious. An open floor plan requires thoughtful consideration. You want to feel the generous freedom of the space and establish visual unity while also distinguishing focal point areas to keep your home from feeling like a showroom with no personality. Think of focal points almost like “rooms within the room.” They can be delineated with furniture arrangements, definitive lighting, rugs or other floor coverings, and the careful deployment of decorative elements. In an open floor plan it’s all about achieving a strategic balance between everything working both together and on its own.

Less is More Decor

An open layout naturally means less walls and what does go on your walls becomes that much more important. This doesn’t mean that we need to let go of displaying family photographs or art that’s personal to us – in fact it’s important to retain the personal touches that make a home feel inviting and comfortable. But you may want to consider reframing your artwork for a more modern and unified display. To achieve modern elegance, consider the most impressive pieces that express your personal style. Edit your decor to reflect the highest quality, most impactful art and accessories, and then edit again! Clutter takes away from both the modern and the elegant aesthetic. In an open plan, decor will be visible from the moment you enter your home – think about how you want that visual sweep upon entry to look and feel. 

Neutral Palette, Luxurious Materials

Neutral colors, whether warm or cool, are a hallmark of the modern elegance aesthetic. To keep neutrals from feeling bland, it’s essential to use more than one shade. You’ll want to choose 3-5 colors in your palette that work well together. Some examples include pale blue, gray and white, white, tan and ivory with black accents, or warm white, deep walnut, and shades of brown. While neutrals can have a reputation for blandness, that is far from the truth – there are dozens of potential combinations to choose from that will make your home feel elegant, comfortable, and modern. In a neutral and open space, the materials you select for your decor are critical. Start with the flooring – a concrete floor will define a very different look and feel from a reclaimed wood floor and both are excellent choices for a modern elegance home remodel. When selecting wood and metal elements, avoid having everything be in the same finish. Mixing it up with different surfaces and textures will bring the character of your home to life.

Whether your dream for your home is modern elegance, a more traditional space, or something in between, our expert team can help you realize your vision to live in a home that is custom designed for your lifestyle. Come meet us and learn more at our next Design and Remodeling Seminar.