It’s National Color Day! Explore with New Hues in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Discovering new ways to live with color in your home is one of the most creative and enjoyable aspects of the remodeling process. To take some of the uncertainty out of the decision making, a professional designer’s expertise is invaluable in guiding you through contrasting and balancing shades from neutral to bold and everything in between. Here are some ways to experiment with color in your whole home remodel or new home:

Citrus Splash
In this bold modern kitchen with inventive design, the clients embraced a daring orange on two walls. The vibrant color underscores the architecture and artistry of the space and brings lively energy to gatherings. Color and light in the home are further enhanced by an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living.

Tropical Dreams
Designed for a couple who wanted to give their Coronado home a long awaited boost of texture and energy, their vibrant home is reminiscent of the wife’s birthplace of Hawaii. Tropical elements and pretty pastels inspire daydreams of beaches or lounging by the pool.

Serene Retreat
With its stunning view of the ocean, this tranquil retreat in a coastal home beckons with a peaceful blue that highlights the meticulous details of the space. In tune with its surroundings, color can help emphasize the most compelling elements of a design.

On National Color Day and every day, we love how color can change the look and feel of your home! From pastels, to neutrals, to vivid shades, our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals will help you explore what works best for your lifestyle and point of view.