Keep Elements You Love When You Transform Your Home for Today

Cedar1A couple with four older children needed a new kitchen design in their rustic, cabin-like home. They needed a much higher level of functionality, a more efficient layout and better connection to their outdoor space but they wanted to keep the blonde cedar that first made them fall in love with their home.

Here are some of the ways our team of professional designers created a design that met the unique needs of this close-knit family:

  • Cedar2The new entryway allows the kitchen to distinctly inhabit its own space while integrating visually with the rest of the home. A beam trellis now defines the entryway and leads directly from the front door to French doors, which open to the outdoor area.
  • The impressive stainless steel range and backsplash create a focal point in harmony with surrounding cedar.
  • A substantial new island with a prep sink and a large range with a bold stainless steel backsplash help to transform the kitchen while preserving its rustic spirit.
  • CedarStove New pantry storage was created near the refrigerator by borrowing space from an existing little-used closet and facing it with a cedar door removed from another part of the kitchen.
  • The couple wanted a rustic brick floor but they were deterred by the difficulty of keeping it clean. A floor created from brick-sized porcelain tile with noticeable variations in its color and texture provided the ideal solution.

The new kitchen retains the elements the clients most love about their home while aligning the design with the modern day demands of an active and gregarious clan. When it’s time for your whole home remodel or kitchen design a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you keep what you love about your home while transforming your environment in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle today.