Make Your Whole Home Remodel Chic and Cozy with Fabulous “Fur”niture

2cdf24aed404b18fb4b4d49f487f0debOur design team has noticed a renewed interest in fur accents on furniture and home accessories. Fur shows up in every environment but is particularly popular in modern and contemporary designs where its warmth softens spare spaces.

Here are some ways to experiment with fur in your whole home remodel:

Fur Throws
This is the place to start if you’re a little hesitant about decorating with fur. Choose a place in your living area for one large, dramatic piece to casually throw over a chair or sofa.

Fur Blankets
Fur is both romantic and practical in the bedroom. Drape a large fur blanket on your bed for instant glamour.

Fur is a stylish accent to chairs and other seating throughout the home, even in the office. We’ve seen it on chairs, stools and chaise lounges.

For inspiration about decorating with fur, visit Jackson Design and Remodeling on Pinterest and see some of the photos we have gathered on our Fabulous “Fur”niture board! Our professional design team works with each client individually to discover interests and explore new trends as we design and build whole home remodels for every style.