Making Space for Dad is a Winning Strategy in Your Whole Home Remodel

TradGameRoom Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and our thoughts turn to some of the spaces we have created for the man of the house during a whole home remodel. A male sanctuary, sometimes referred to as a “man cave”, ranges in size, purpose and style. The common denominator is an emphasis on the male’s preference for aesthetics in a space where he can indulge in some of his favorite pastimes from solitary reading to playing pool and watching sports with friends.

Man spaces range from colorful and casual to subdued and elegant. Their focal point can be a pool table, a bar, a library, a trophy collection, an impressive media system, or some combination of all of these. Some common requirements usually include:

  • A distinct area separate from the rest of the home
  • Plentiful comfortable seating to accommodate guests
  • Some form of entertainment

ManRoom1A unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can be helpful in determining the best way to incorporate a man space in your whole home remodel. Experienced designers will help you explore the ways you plan to use your space most often and how the design can accommodate your needs and express your personal style.