Making Waves: Beach Home Design

Many of our clients live on the coast with views of and access to San Diego’s beautiful beaches. On National Beach Day, August 30, we’re taking a look at some of the elements that make a home feel like a “beach home.” Coastal design can be reflected in space planning, color palettes, material choices, and decor. Working with a professional designer, you’ll have an expert guide into the ways you can express your personal style within a coastal design framework. 

What “beach home” design looks like is an individual exploration. Some think of bright teals, aqua blues, and sea glass greens as the ideal seaside color palette, while others are drawn to the colors of the beach on a winter day: think sandy earth tones and light blues with soft grays and whites reflective of beach pebbles. Most homeowners with property on the coast want to integrate expansive outdoor living spaces to fully take advantage of surrounding nature. Depending on a client’s lifestyle and the footprint of the home, outdoor living space could be designed in a large backyard, a patio, or multiple decks. The smallest details matter, too. The texture of materials, including wavy patterns or iridescent surfaces, can artfully convey a beach home feel. Here are a few examples making waves on our portfolio!

La Jolla Shores Contemporary
This striking contemporary home on the beach fully embraces its location with walls of glass. It was essential to the client to emphasize the home’s 180 degree views of La Jolla. Clean lines and architectural simplicity keep the focus on surroundings. Cabinetry in the kitchen and decor throughout the home was selected to reflect the client’s love of tropical and Hawaiian design. An outdoor shower for post-surfing clean up is the ultimate beach home element!

Sunset Cliffs Beauty
The location of this coastal home was a dream for a young professional couple who always knew they wanted to live in the Sunset Cliffs neighborhood someday. After an expansive whole home remodel, the home now encompasses 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and abundant space to share with friends and family. Sea and sun-inspired hues are prominent in an open and airy interior that captures fresh ocean air and natural light on every level. The transitional design extends to several outdoor living spaces with views of Sunset Cliffs.

Joyful Coastal
With colors inspired by sea glass and sand dunes, this home designed for a retired beach loving client and her cherished dog, Molly, invites relaxed self care, cooking and entertaining, and visits from her two daughters. In the kitchen, ​​the island’s quartz countertop was selected for the way the pattern resembles a big wave. Lighting in the upper cabinetry spotlights some of the clients treasured seaside collectibles. Now infused with beach-inspired hues, the living space feels bright and fresh. The fireplace was replaced and is now a stunning focal point framed by symmetrical shelves where the client can display some of her favorite coastal objects.

Beach homes are some of the most coveted properties for a reason. There’s nothing like waking up and falling asleep to the sound of waves and feeling refreshed every day by fresh ocean air. Whole home remodels and new homes that are thoughtfully designed to integrate with and celebrate their natural surroundings feel more comfortable and welcoming, with design that endures.