The Man Cave Transformed: Celebrating Father’s Day with a Space for Dad in Your Whole Home Remodel

PoolRoomWith the arrival of Father’s Day this weekend, we’re taking a look at how the traditional “man cave” has been reimagined. When you are planning a whole home remodel, it’s essential to consider not just how you want your home to look but also how you want your home to work. For Dads who desire a space to call their own in a whole home remodel, our professional design team starts by establishing a thorough understanding of how the space will be used and how it needs to integrate with the surroundings both visually and functionally.

Space for Fun
This game room and bar area is an ideal space for Dads who enjoy entertaining groups of friends. Cork tile Barwalls surrounding the pool table give the space intriguing textural detail and are sound absorbent. The adjacent bar area features an impressive centerpiece created from horizontal bamboo with a vanilla onyx slab countertop. Italian light fixtures with red-orange hues set a convivial mood while practical essentials like a beer tap, wine cooler, sink and generously sized refrigerator make entertaining friends a breeze.

GentlemensRoomSpace for Quiet
A dream space for Dads who want a quiet and stylish retreat at home, this gentleman’s room in a 100-year old Tudor-style home was built with devoted attention to period detail. An existing guest room was transformed into a room for the gentleman of the house to store, appreciate and care for his collection of guns and other treasured objects.

GarageSpace to Create
Proving the garage can be used for more than tools and woodworking, this creative work area is defined by an edgy urban scene from the Brooklyn Bridge recreated in custom digital wallpaper. Used for additional living and storage space rather than for cars, the garage in this beachside home is outfitted with sturdy vinyl flooring with the appearance of wood.

Every Dad can create his ideal personal space at home with the help of thoughtful design that approaches a whole home remodel from the perspective of both form and function. We wish all Dads their own version of a man cave and a very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday!