Natural Warmth: Rustic Wood Elements in Your Whole Home Remodel

claphamjdrAdding elements of wood to your whole home remodel creates a visual connection with natural surroundings, brings warmth to a space, and adds a sense of craftsmanship to your home. If you are integrating rustic wood elements into your whole home remodel, here are some ideas to consider:

Revealing History
Often homes are constructed with elements of wood that have been covered with paint or have become dull and lifeless. In some whole home remodels, the smartest strategy is to reveal this existing wood and restore it to its natural beauty, as was done in the master bedroom below.

Sense of Calm
bedjdrChoosing just one focal point of natural wood can make a beautiful design statement in a room. The beam in the home shown above was carefully selected from many choices and then refinished multiple times for exactly the right surface. It has become a very personal expression of style for the clients.

Comforting Warmth
The tactile surface and earthy grains of wood ground a design with solid comfort. The natural, authentic look and texture of wood adds a homey feeling that invites touch. In a very open and modern space, wood helps to keep the home from feeling stark or cold.

coatesExpressing your unique point of view is one of the most enjoyable parts of a whole home remodelWorking with a team of professional designers, you will discover a myriad of possibilities to make your home feel truly one-of-a-kind with rustic woods.