Open to Possibilities: Try Open Shelving in Your Whole Home Remodel

jdrblog1Open shelving continues to be a strong trend in design. The appealing combination of personalization and easy access makes this choice enduringly popular. Here are some ideas if you’d like to experiment with open shelving in your whole home remodel:

Personalize Your Space
Your space is more comfortable and memorable when your individual interests and tastes are on display. From cute knick-knacks to treasured collectibles, open shelving puts a personal imprint on your space.

jdrblog3Find and Reach with Ease
Not just for display, open shelving can be highly functional as well. Plates and serving bowls, tools and gadgets are all easier to find when stored on open shelving, making it faster and easier to find what you need or get work done.

Show What You Love
Rare vintage dinnerware, handmade pottery, or family photos, your collections become an artistic element when jdrblog2you display them on open shelving.

When you’re open to new ideas, our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals will help you explore the many possibilities for bringing your unique personal vision to life in your whole home remodel.